"John Gunther comes out of the Sonny Rollins tradition of direct and melodic saxmen." - AFIM music MIX

"Worth investigating for his personal interpretations of the modern mainstream." - Ira Gitler

"...a fluent compose-performer who is redefining mainstream Jazz." - Cadence


"John Gunther's playing and compositions are bursting with energy and ideas. In the groups "Convergence" and the "Safari Trio" his unique approach shines out and adds a truly original dimension to the ensemble. As a visiting International soloist on tour in the UK in February 2010, he won countless accolades from the European Jazz cognoscenti and audiences alike. Gunther's beautiful playing makes regular appearances on my programmes."

Helen Mayhew, broadcaster on UK radio station Jazz FM


John Gunther Trio
In This World
by Jay Collins - "One Final Note"

Reedist John Gunther is exactly the kind of artist that has been and continues to be spotlighted on the CIMP label, long a champion of underdogs like Gunther. While Gunther has recorded four previous dates in various settings for the label, as well as several other Colorado-based outlets, he continues to be missed by many listeners and writers, which is a shame, given his significant talents. With In this World, Gunther returns to the trio format first heard on his 1997 CIMP debut, Permission Granted, a collaboration with bassist Leo Huppert and drummer Jay Rosen that spotlighted Gunther’s compositional palette amongst such colorful co-conspirators.

In this World contains eight Gunther compositions, two of which are duet performances with his cohorts, as well as a cover of “Ruby My Dear”. The funky swing of “Sneaky Blues” commences the show, immediately signaling the camaraderie between this attuned assemblage and a signal to the mix of musical empathy and elation ahead. Gunther bestows line after line of eloquent blues phrasing on his tenor, Huppert’s solo focuses on the melodic underpinnings, and Rosen’s brush strokes shuffle and flicker along the corners of his kit. Gunther’s round and resonant tenor is also vibrant on the reworking of “Marksman”, as well as his nod to Sonny Rollins on “Cowboy Type Tune”.

The record also spotlights Gunther’s work on other horns, including “Another Stroll”, a
lengthy bass clarinet foray (and revisitation from that is both bustling and mysterious. His wooly bass clarinet also colors “Get The Low Down”, which is sparked by Huppert’s vivacious counterattack amidst Rosen’s flurried musings. He also proves his considerable soprano sax technique on the modal “Waltz for Paige” and the worldly impressionism of the title track, where he concludes the piece on the bass clarinet, shadowboxing with a bass ostinato that allows Huppert room for a murky arco sojourn.  Huppert and Gunther also meet for a rendition of “Ruby My Dear” that sticks close to the melodic framework, though it is filled with lyrical emotion. Rosen and Gunther team for “Anthem For Hope”, which proves both reflective and stirring as it grows in vigor over the course of its almost six minutes, perhaps even alluding to “Amazing Grace”. Gunther and his comrades have again proven the quality of their 
collaborative forces on this program of both accessible and challenging music.



"Just wanted to thank you for coming out and playing with us this past week. It was an amazing opportunity to record, perform, and clinic with you. Thanks for your feedback and insight, and thanks for your amazing energy. I really appreciate that you treat us students like actual musicians (something that is not always the case with educators of your stature). Thanks so much for everything!
-Jesse Quebbeman-Turley, BYU

"Glenwood Springs High School recently hosted a District Honor Jazz Band event involving 10 schools from Western Colorado.  John Gunther served as our guest clinician for the High School group and displayed a unique ability to inspire and motivate students in a supportive, non-intimidating manner.  His careful attention to details and personal performance demonstrations resulted in a fine performance by the students involved."

Robert Merritt - Director, Glenwood Highschool, Colorado

"John tries to think outside of genre boundaries when he teaches, taking from as many cultures, styles and forms of musical expression as he can. He is as much a student as he is a teacher, continuing to learn and to advance his playing. He gets a lot of his energy not just from his love of jazz, but from his students' desire to learn."

Abe Pollack, NYU Student

"Mr. Gunther's approach to teaching our clinic at PSU was as fluid and informative as his incredible woodwind playing. The improvised classical music from his duo was truly impressive."

Joshua Cliburn - College Student, Portland University