Solo and Electronic

I  perform as a soloist on sax, flute, and clarinet using an assortment of  electronics, looping, Ableton Live, Max MSP, Supercollider and more….

In 2008 I formed the Boulder Laptop Orchestra [BLOrk] at the University of Colorado which is now offered as the  Electronic Music Ensemble which I co-direct with John Drumheller.  I'm interested in exploring Electro-Acoustic music, integrating traditional performance with new technology.

"At The Still Point" Pt. I  - Media Live Show 2014

"Bagatelle for saxes and iPads"   comp. John Gunther

"Try Cycles" comp. John Gunther (saxophone) for the Boulder Laptop Orchestra

"Rainforest I" is an installation piece that explores the incredible sonic beauty of a Costa Rican rain forest. 36 speakers (6 hemispherical speakers with 6 speakers each) project randomly generated samples representing over 70 different species of birds, frogs and insects.  This piece was made possible in part through a grant from the University of Colorado STEM program.

Here's some experimenting I'm doing with drones, processing, and a visualizer....